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Deep Forehead Wrinkles

If you are concerned about developing deep forehead wrinkles, there are several things that you can do to prevent them. First and possibly most important is to wear a hat that shades your face from the sun.

Sunlight is composed of visible, ultra-violet and other waves of invisible light. Ultra-violet rays trigger the activity of molecules with the skin's layers known as free radicals. The radical molecules will be neutralized by antioxidants, if the exposure is not too great, especially when a person is younger.

Continuous overexposure and the aging process greatly reduce the number of naturally occurring antioxidants in the skin's cells. If the free radicals are not neutralized, they do damage to the cellular membranes, the elastic fibers and eventually the cell's DNA.

That damage can eventually lead to age spots, sagging, fine lines and wrinkling. People that spend a great deal of time outdoors often have dry, leather-like skin, as well. Observing those individuals was the first clue that scientists had concerning the cause of deep forehead wrinkles and other signs of age.

Hundreds of years ago, a traditional healer would have told you to apply a fruit or seaweed mash to your face when you were outdoors for a long period of time. A country doctor would have told you to wear a hat or take a parasol. The advice hasn't changed much.

Even though the healers didn't know it, the plant-based mashes contained antioxidants. The country doctors didn't know about free radicals or antioxidants. The discovery of those molecules was relatively recent. But, both knew that the sun caused damage, which at the time was believed to be irreparable.

If you are not concerned about developing them, because you already have deep forehead wrinkles, recent research indicates that you can repair the damage with certain kinds of antioxidants. If you want to see the greatest improvement, you will still make every effort to protect your skin from the sun. The antioxidant creams are quite effective, but if you don't try and prevent further damage from occurring...well, you probably get the point.

Vitamin A creams were the first to hit the market. There is even a prescription cream in the US, called Retin-A, that contains it. The drawbacks are redness, itching, irritation and flaking.

Although they have yet to make a big "bang" on the cosmetic market, there are some creams for deep forehead wrinkles that contain a reasonably large quantity of coenzyme Q10. Those creams have proven to be effective for reducing wrinkling and roughness, while repairing overall sun damage by more than 30% after six weeks of use.

The really nice thing is that there are no unwanted side effects accompanying the use of coenzyme Q10. Even vitamin C creams sometimes cause irritation and they are ineffective for repairing damage done. In other words, COQ10 is unique.

The best creams for deep forehead wrinkles are those that contain a variety of different antioxidants, the protein keratin and other nutrients that support your skin's health. It may take a little looking to find them. But, isn't your face worth the time? Mine is.

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