Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Laser Skin Treatment Enhances Beauty

Laser Skin TreatmentAll men and women want to look beautiful and for this they use different cosmetics as well as different treatments. To save the skin from common skin problems including acne, wrinkles, birthmarks, unwanted facial hair, sun damages and many others, numerous types of treatments are used. Laser skin treatment is also one of them. It is a new cosmetic surgery technique, which is used to treat skin problems. In the procedure of laser skin treatment, a carbon dioxide laser is used to vaporize the upper layers of skin. New Co2 laser removes the upper layer so that new skin reforms in the place of older. Moreover, this laser beam is considered as a very precise beam of energy, which can be directed on any part of the skin as well as damaged areas.

Basically, such types of laser beams are used on wrinkles and fine lines, particularly around the eyes and mouth. Laser skin treatment is helpful to make soft scarring, burns less noticeable. Such type of treatment is also used to remove tattoos. Skin treatment through laser beams is performed in an operation theatre and the total procedure take a few minutes to an hour. The surgeon who completes the operation will show you the treatment procedure and also show you how to wash your face softly and apply antibiotic cream to keep away from infections.

After operation, swellings or pain can be occurred; therefore surgeons also recommend using ice packs to control the swelling and painkiller to reduce the pain. After laser skin treatment, you are advised to use a mild moisture cream that will prevent dry out to avoid skin irritation for a few weeks. You are supposed to keep away from the sun or if you can not do so, then use high feature sun cream for at least four to six months. You also need to keep away from making vivid facial movements for the duration of treatment time.

Laser skin treatment is gaining fame day by day and is being used nowadays for treating facial scarring, age spots and birthmarks, unwanted hair, spider veins, warts, wrinkles including frown lines and crow's feet, and many others. Why this treatment is so much popular? The reason is that it does not have need of any cut, no sews up and no blood loss. One of the main advantages of laser skin treatment is that you can perform your normal activities as you used to perform earlier.

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