Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reduce the Signs of Skin Pigmentation with Laser Treatments

Almost everyone has some area of skin where the pigmentation is slightly abnormal. Skin pigmentation problems can range from moderate (freckles) to severe (hyperpigmentation) but most are treatable to some extent and rarely present a health problem in most healthy individuals.

What are the causes of skin pigmentation?
• Sun
• Hormones
• Birthmarks
• Injuries
• Hereditary
• Pregnancy
• Medication
Skin pigmentation can appear in various ways

Freckles-These are patches of skin that can range in size from a pin head to moderate patches. They are common in individuals with fair to moderate skin.
Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation- Normally occurs as a result of changes in the level of hormones due to natural causes or medications such as birth control and hormones. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or melasma, as it also known as, normally appears as dark spots on the face, stomach, and even legs.

Liver spots- Although liver spots are often equated with old age, age is not a prerequisite for their appearance. On the contrary, liver spots are often seen in those who spend a large amount of time in the sun and they can be signs of skin damage and even skin cancer. If you have not previously had liver spots and notice their sudden appearance you should definitely seek the attention of a health care professional to rule out any signs of illness or cancer.

Most skin pigmentation is superficial and can be treated with the use of lasers to reduce its appearance. The methods that can be used to treat skin pigmentation will be in direct relation to its cause and severity. In other words, the use of lasers (also known as intense pulsed light therapy) will be used cautiously when applicable, but may not be used at all if the skin pigmentation problem is too deep or can be treated more effectively via another procedure.

What are the benefits of laser skin pigmentation treatment?

It can improve your self-esteem- Having a pigmentation problem can make you self-conscious and lower your self esteem. Laser treatment can boost your confidence and help you walk with your head held high.

It safely lessens the appearance of the pigmentation problem-In some cases you may not be able to totally eliminate the pigmentation but it can reduce the appearance of it and make it less noticeable.

It can eliminate the need for covering up with unnecessary clothing and makeup- Wearing long sleeves and jeans in the summer can be a pain, as well as loading up on make-up to cover up your appearance.

With laser skin pigmentation treatment you can feel free to just be you.

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