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About Rosacea Remedy

Rosacea RemedyThe search for a proper rosacea remedy has been happening for a very long time. Throughout the ages cures and explanations have been sought. To this day there is no definitive answer for what causes rosacea. Some opinions that have been put forth for the cause are sun damage, demodex mites, food allergies, hormonal imbalances and simply genetics. While none of these have been definitively proven most patients simply care to have a rosacea remedy that works. They care nothing for the cause of their condition unless knowing it is the cure.

Sun damage can and does worsen rosacea symptoms. Most people with rosacea are fair skinned and burn easily in the sun. This lends credence to the sun damage theory. The rosacea remedy in this case would be sun avoidance and regular use of sunscreen. The problem with this is that most people with rosacea are sensitive to the ingredients in sunscreen and end up having a flare of symptoms upon application. The cure becomes the cause in this case. Natural sunscreens containing minerals have been developed and can be used without reaction by most rosacea sufferers. These typically leave an obvious white caste to the skin making them unattractive to the user.

Demodex mites, while generally not believed to be the main cause of rosacea do seem to be a factor. While all people supposedly have these mites on their skin, rosacea patients have more. This is not because the mites are causing the condition. Rather it's because the condition causes more mites. They like the abnormal inflamed skin environment caused by rosacea. Because the mites carry bacteria the bacteria cause more papules to form. So getting rid of the mites is one rosacea remedy that can help one aspect of the condition.

Food allergies are another common theory as a cause for rosacea. Many people with rosacea also have allergies. In fact some of the symptoms are the same. The flushing seen in a rosacea face is typically caused by a histamine response. So is an allergic reaction. In fact, one common symptom of an allergic reaction is facial flushing. Many people see the rosacea remedy in this case as finding the offending food and eliminating it. There are many books and websites that illustrate how to do this.

Women suffer with rosacea more often then men. This has caused many to feel that it's hormone related. It is known that menopause usually brings on or significantly worsens rosacea. This is because estrogen depletion causes flushing and sweating. In this case a good rosacea remedy is simply hormone replacement therapy. Estrogen supplementation brings relief in this case.
Finally, genetics also play a role. While people with dark skin can and do get rosacea this is the exception and not the rule. The vast majority of people with rosacea are fair skinned with a Celtic ancestry. In fact, walking around in Ireland for example one sees countless faces afflicted with rosacea. Recognizing a genetic tendency in itself is a partial rosacea remedy as the person can take steps, such as sun avoidance, to avoid developing rosacea.

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