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Skin Problems and Solutions

Skin Problems and Solutions


These tiny dark spots can be very annoying especially when they seem to appear and disappear at their own will. Mostly found on the nose, cheeks and forehead, freckles are a collection of pigments in the skin that have little or no pigment at all. This pigment increases so as to protect the inner layer due to constant sun exposure. This leads to freckles.

Avoid staying out in the sun for long periods without sunscreen. Apply a few drops of vitamin E oil on your freckles. Lemon juice works by making them lighter.


Not as bad as the dreaded blackheads, these small, whitish spots are caused by the accumulation of oil in the pores when a sebum blocks a hair follicle deeper in the skin.

Instead of forcing them out, invest in a regular clean up. This will gradually decrease them over time. Use a facial scrub regularly to remove dead skin.


These bothersome black dots on your face have to be physically removed. Blackheads occur when dead skin cells and sebum block a hair follicle and causes the pores to become big. This in turn makes the skin appear and feel rough. Sometimes this can also result in pimples.

Drinking adequate water as well as fruit juices and fruits will keep blackheads in check. Use a medicated face wash and wash your face with plain water during the day. Green tea is known to be filled with antioxidants. But even using the tea bag contents after drinking the tea as a scrub does wonders for your skin. Follow it up with some jojoba oil, which acts as a great moisturiser.


This happens due to over activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin. Excessive secretion of oil clogs your pores making the skin rough.

Ask your dermatologist for a face wash ideal for your skin. A good toner will not only help remove oil but also close the pores.

Do you know your skin?
Get a facial. Go to a reputable spa and ask the esthetician (the gal who is giving you your facial) to analyze the type of skin you have as well as the condition it is in. She will be able to make recommendations specifically suited for you. I will say that this was invaluable to me since I now have a regime that is perfectly suited for my skin type.

Do you have oily, breakout prone skin?
If you use regular soap to cleanse your skin--stop. Soap strips your skin of natural oils, and your glands react by producing even more oil. Try a gentle foaming cleanser or milk cleanser if this problem is mild. If you need something stronger you could always try a cleanser or spot treatment with salicylic acid and beta hydroxyl. You may also want to use an oil free moisturizer. Note: although benzoil peroxide is a common and effective treatment for breakouts, it is also drying to the skin and can increase oil production.

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The most important thing in all these skin care treatments is to let your pores breath. Don’t cover them with extra make up. Doing this, the pores will not be able to breathe normal, and your acne will extinct.

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Don't touch or press the skin problem, and i'm sure everything will be oke!!!

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